How to create a cv

After logging in your account, navigate to "My Cv" page. On that page add new resume. You can switch between template for a resume. You can edit and view using any template.

To add a new CV provide the name and click + button. That name will be associated with your resume page. Please select the name carefully, because this is the link you will be sharing with your potential employers and you want it to look professionally.

How to edit my cv

Navigate to "My resume" page and click viewing button of a resume. Select which resume you want to edit and click pen icon. If it is the first time you are editing it, your resume will be filled with dummy text.

When editing you may change any textual content excluding section names (ex: Experience, Education, Skills etc ). You can change order of section of your resume by clicking on arrows near those sections. You can hide sections from viewing.

Note: after finishing editing you resume you need to go to resume settings and publish resume for other people to see it. Unpublished resume is not visible to anyone but you.

How to tune settings of my cv

Navigate to "My CV" page. Select which resume settings you want to change and click Settings icon button. You will see your resume settings page. You can also click Settings button on your resume page in viewing or editing mode.

You have several tabs on your resume settings page.

  • Main: Here you can publish or unpublish your resume page, select which template is primary in your resume (the one users will see when they click on your resume link), change your resume page title, and select the type of protection your resume has.
  • Visitors: You can track activity on your resume page, namely how many people visited it.
  • Security: Here you can set the security for your CV. The possible options are None, password or PIN. With password you can set the user name and password, which users needs to use in order to view your CV. Similary with PIN you can set the user name and pin which user needs to use in order to view your CV.

How to publish and share my cv

When you finished polishing your resume you need to make it public by selecting corresponding option in resume settings. Note that for free accounts you can have no more than one public resumes, which means if you make one resume public all other resumes become inactive and inaccessible to viewers.

Easiest way to share your resume is to send a link of your resume page. In that case anyone who has that link can visit and view your resume.

In case you want to make your resume private and not visible to everyone, you can do so in your resume settings. You can send the resume to specific people by providing their emails. In addition it is possible to set up a protection with password, pin-code or pattern to ensure only people you want can see your resume.

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