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thecv is your winning online platform for your resume & job adds

We are focused on helping our clients to build a successful resume leading to a successful job search. We provide free job posting and free application tracking to organization. thecv.me is one stop to post jobs and search for cv.

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We bring together creativity, design, and cutting edge technologies to bring you one step closer to the job of your dreams

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Our enterprise unites several excellent specialists in their respective fields working in a harmonious team to meet your best expectations


We are never resting in our mission to bring more and more modern technological solutions to our customers needs

about us

How it began

We ourselves went through the pain of job search at some points in our lives. We know how hard it is to create a nicely looking and selling resume especially with very limited knowledge of web design. Being at the end of our college and graduate studies we could see we are not the only ones struggling with this task. That was our A-ha! moment. We knew we could help not only ourselves and our friends but millions and millions of people all over the world to make their career paths easier and more successful.


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I was sincerely surprised when I was how much visits my resume has. I was invited to quite a few interviews as well.

Jonathan W.

BI Entwickler
I was told that IT-related candidates are expected to have a web page for resume. theCV allowed me to create my web resume without any knowledge of web design. I'm thrilled by all the features available. Thanks theCV team!

Timur B.

Software Engineer
Several times I had a chance to talk with company owners who happened to search to hire someone, but I didn't have my resume with me. That is when I appreciated convenience of having online resume. Now I can just tell or send the link to my CV from my phone.

Dmitry M.

Marketing Manager
As a designer I want to have a pretty resume. I'm expected to have a beautifully looking resume. That's why I made my CV on theCV.me. I like that it is possible to download a pretty pdf when I need to print it.

Yayra M.

Interior design specialist
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